Released: 2019
Label: Vinyl Resistance Records

Track “Vntrve” for the first vinyl issue by the new label born inside the Vinyl Resistance Festival, that takes place at the Boccaccio Squat (Monza) every year as a moment dedicated to the underground labels, to meet and exchange their productions as well as discuss about the world of underground vinyl production.

From Toolbox Records:
“Black Qirex & Boccaccio Presents : Vinyle Resistance Festival !
Serypgraphied sleeve and Insert with explanation about this project.
A deeply human project between a squat and a sound system. Together united for an event called “Vinyl resistance Festival”.
This is their first vinyl, and so called the event exist since 3 years. A Village-Label devoted to the autorpoduction and the undeground into electronic music. 2 days festival… A pure jewel !”