Released: 2018
Label: Rexistenz
Media: Digital
Dgrwth – Back to BIOS
All tracks composed and recorded by a034 between 2013 and 2017, trying to dominate a wild herd of misbehaving lo-fi machines, with the constant sabotage of the solder trying to put together DIY pedals and synths.
The process that brought to the recording of this album began with the decision to stop using computer and go back to hardware to obtain a more concrete and personal sound, using lo-fi and lo-cost machines.
I changed these tracks many times and then played them live and after every gig I changed them again. These recordings are the state of the art in 2017 and they are still work in progress.The title of the album is the dominating state of mind that obsesses me today thinking about a world with less comunication, production, consumption: back to BIOS.+Tracks 3, 4 and 7 have been mastered in different versions by Nicolas Esterle on a black label 12″ vinyl titled “Decelerationist EP”: if you want a copy write us!Thanks to Chris-Toolbox, Christoph Fringeli, Fire at Work at Stirpe999 and Davide at Sforzesco Incisioni to encourage and support me and Rxstnz to put out another vinyl release in “our way” in this fucked up dark age of nothingness.

Mastering by Giona Vinti.

Thanks to Rella (Everest Magma) for his voice, creativity and light in track number 4 “Oe”.
Thanks to Katherine Betteridge for her always surprising use of voice and violin in track 03 “Kodo”.
Thanks to Rxstnz brothers, to accompany me in this life.
Love to Paola and our son Simone (author of the titles of all the tracks and the artwork used on the cover).