Released: 2008
Label: A034
Media: Digital
Clusters. Cells of the same grid.

The network of energies represented by the collaboration with some friends/artists I had the pleasure to meet in my life.

BBS (guitars on “21 holograms”)
BRUNO DORELLA and ANDREA MARUTTI (guitar + pads and synths on “Anatta”)
FEMINA FABER (vooice on “Lost Wisdom”)
MBST8 (retriggers, glitches and creativity on “Triangulating a random matrix between space and time”)
RIPIT (total devastation on “Growling corrupt drone”)
GUSA (voice on “Human cry”)
KIMERA (Voice and words on “La musica tace”)
ELGRINDO (guitars on “Ritalin mind controllers”)
FOIA (drums on “In.dub.strial”)

Cover artwork by Erik Natzke