Released: 2021
Label: Syrphe

A034 track on Syrphe’s benefit big compilation “Civil disobedience – လ​ူ​ထ​ု​မ​န​ာ​ခ​ံ​မ​ှ​ု”

From Syrphe’s Bandcamp page:
“Following the events in Myanmar in 2021, and after several email exchanges with friends (activists and artists) there, I decided to set up another compilation project on order to collect money to offer VPN subscriptions to journalists, activists, artists (…) based in Myanmar to allow them to easily bypass censorship and communicate with the outside world. The benefits have been transferred to a friend in Yangon who well wisely use the money to help and support demonstrators and activists who fight for freedom as well as social, ethnic, sexual, philosophical (…) equality and respect. So far 1500€ have reached Yangon, including 500$ for Food Not Bombs Yangon, run by Kyaw Kyaw. More money will be sent this year.”