Released: 2010
Label: Rexistenz
Bulgarian Paganini

Track on the first ep published on vynil by Rexistenz Records: “Dumbsteppers ep”.
Other tracks are by Hyena, Manual Destruction and Mbst8.
Artwork by Robo

Review on Datacide Eleven:
“Here’s another unusual and challenging various release titled ‘dumbsteppers ep’ out of Italy that has no interest in typical genre oriented tracks. A034 opens the record with hard hitting beats that work in tandem with the evocative classical elements. Despite having released very sparsely on vinyl, hyena offers up a satisfying track that veers between dubstep, dancehall and ritual drumming. The b-side is also very strong with the opening track by manual.destruction combining choir singing with some noisy, very glitchy beat programming. Mbst8 pushes the weirdness further with slow rhythms and strange sounds completing this compelling release”.

Sold out in Italy and France