Released: 2013
Label: Rexistenz
Beyond The Void (A034 remixed)
CD of remixes of A034’s “Children of the Void” LP.
Released August 1, 2013
Cover artwork by Akab.

“Italian based label Rxstnz with the newest 9 track album in digital format from a034. He developed his own version of dubstep or contemporary bass music avoiding all the stereotypes like wobble bass or sawtooth synths and give it an almost movie score like feeling using also real instruments like violin and guitar. A dark journey with some twists that was followed by a remix CD containing 12 tracks by people like Hyena,Mbst8,Oyaarss,Ripit,Tzii and others. An exellent compilation of diverse approaches on a034’s music, resulting in unformatted broken beats and bass music,dark ambient, experimental hip hop and even a death metal remix.”


I began mangling sounds in late 90′ trying to find my own personal way of expression.
To me making music is a kind of personal analysis, a process of deconstruction and transformation of perceptions and states… and the post-industrial spirit of our times calls for dark landscapes, noises and obsessive repetitions.
Co-founder of Rexistenz Records, I performed live in numerous venues and festivals in Italy and abroad, composed music for short movies, documentaries and art exhibitions.

Ripit, a.k.a Nyko Esterle, started his musical activities as a black metal guitar player in 1995. In 1998 he turns into radical electronic, developping a noisy, rythmical and psychedelic sound based on primitive synthesizer use. He evoluates to a more complex form of sound tending to beat micro-surgery and orchestral bombast.
As an actor of extreme electronic/pre-breakore parisian scene by organising alternative parties, he expanded his network on an international level. He toured several times in North America and Europe.
In 2006, he founded with TZII (, the protean project Solar Skeletons (
In 2007, he founded the concrete Dub/Mutant Rap project FUJAKO with portuguese Dub strategist HHY (
Back to a more primal creative technique, his live sets are based today on the extensive use of modular synths, ol’time drum machines and no-input mixers to create a dancy, acid music, plunging the crowd in a magma of electrical textures mixing dance-floor references and magnetic fog.

Started in early 2000’s as Giona Vinti solo project, a mixture of hardcore techno, jungle, alternative hip hop and dark ambient. came out as a strange industrial breakcore act.
Fell in love with the darker sides of dubstep and techno dub, as showcased in his latest releases on Rxstnz Records.
Played various gigs and festivals in italy, belgium, holland, france ,switzerland and germany.
Co-founder of Rexistenz Records (RXSTNZ) along with fellow audio criminals pablito el drito, a034, mbst8, manual destruction , opser and degrade.
Hyena believes in magick , libertarianism and in love. Firmly against fascism , racism, homophobia, sexism, speciesism, adultism and general stupidity.
Honoured to have shared stage with: Winterkalte, Merzbow, Oyaarss, Bong-Ra, Sickboy, Hecate, Abelcain, Xanopticon, Hypnoskull, Zu, Shockraver, V-atak collective, Sandblasting, Daniele Brusaschetto, Zona MC, dj Skizo, Droon, Giggling Dildas and many others…

Oyaarss is the solo project of Latvian-raised Arvids Laivinieks. The fruit of his passion for intelligent but crushing metal, experimental electronic music and dystopian worlds, this project marries touching, poignant melodies and sheer industrial weight.
While this project is still relatively new, Oyaarss has gained recognition through his remix works for a wide array of project, from 3by3’s Cloaks to Amenra or several classical pieces as well as through his live shows alongside Ben Frost, Amenra or Ancient Methods and festivals such as Germany’s Maschinenfest and Burn The Machine or France’s Riddim Collisions.
“Bads” (“Hunger”) was Oyaarss’s first full length album, following a first 12″ record on Greece’s Abstractions label. It was the first of two Oyaarss releases in 2012, being followed by “Smaida Greizi Nakamiba” (“The future smiling wrily”), a re-release of a 2011 demo, expanding Oyaarss’s sound from his bleak and oppressive noise textures to include some acoustic, almost post rock guitars as well as spoken words.


Since 1996 Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his magickal frequencies all over the world through touring from Eastern and Western Europe to Australia, passing by USA, Canada, Japan and Africa, where he played hundreds of shows..… Spreading cinematic dark ambient and raw electronic anger, His aim is to enclose you into an abusive spiral leading you to an impossible redemption…no limit of form, “thee process is thee product” …….He created his own label NIGHT ON EARTH in 2001, releasing vinyls and tapes, and is a co-founder & active member of the label/collective V-ATAK.


electricity: Rico, voice: Napo

Cofounder of the audiotrauma collective. Since 1997, Sonic Area (aka Arco Trauma) is a french electronic monocephale project, influenced by Dither, Scorn, 2nd Gen, Hint, Enio Moricone and all suicide lullabies wich mixes electro hybrid experimental, cinematic orchestral atmospheres, dirty abstract hip-hop, tribal industrial techno-punk, brutal wall of sounds, hard-glitch breaks and lush ambient soundscapes. Disturbing, unexpectable and sometimes hard to describe, it’s darkly intoxicated. Imagine yourself sleeping in a lost factory built over sacred Indian burial grounds.
He collaborated with bands such as : Hint, Punish Yourself, Cheerleader69, Twinkle, Neon Cage Experiment, Zno, Ambassador 21, Mind Necrosis Factor, Muckrackers, Ten Data Keshin, Amesha Spenta, Le Diktat, Thermidor…

a034 is the promoter of the “Beyond the Void” cd: he contacted some of his favourite artists/friends asking to remix the tracks of his latest work “Children of the Void” and providing them the materials needed. Since the beginning of his musical life in 1995, he has always been very active in the connection and collaboration with the people he met in the crowd, doing remixes for some and being remixed by some others, producing tracks with other artists and playing/jamming live. The very first big aggregation of forces came in 2004 with the web-remix-project still visible at
He published vynils and cds on indie italian labels as Bar la muerte, Hydrophonic, Qirex, Afe, Rxstnz and some other borderline labels like Full Volume Agency (Japan), Blackbean+Placenta (Usa), Monkey Tool (Fra).
He has been member/collaborator of collectives and artistic projects as: Nuke Satori (with BBS), Sixfigurenigga (with BBS and Skeeme), Lava (with Bruno Dorella), Figli di Diapa (with Hyena and Mbst8), Alice and her boyband (with Kimera, Hyena and Mbst8), Acid Drops, V.a.l.i.s, No human no cry.
He is co-founder of the net label Nuke Satori and of the label RXSTNZ Records.
He proudly shared the stage with many artists as Cdatakill, Bong-ra, Sickboy, Hecq, Oyaarss, Zona MC, Ludmila, Uochi Toki, Ripit, Tzii, Sandblasting, Daniele Brusaschetto and many more.

mumbajumba means extreme lifestyle since 1997.
after several changes of line-up they evolved their sound first in metal-core, then in a mixture of grinding post-core and brutal death metal, surrounded by disharmonic distortions and completely bass player free!
“Almost 7” is their sixth release, almost seven tracks of fury and violence, so fast that leave no time for emotions.

Sense is Adam Raisbeck, musician from Melbourne, Australia.
Born from the intense need to express itself, Sense emerges from within.
Inside it the feelings the sounds the emotions the decisions the mechanism the thought. Outside it the pain the struggle the hurt the disapointment. Yet his sense is both of these things … embracing each other … and feeling what each other does, perfect and all knowing understanding, perfect unambiguous communication.
Adam’s earlier work veers across a range of contemporary electronic flavours.

NKiSHi is the moniker for the solo project in-the-making of the artist Dodo NKishi.
He is a longtime collaborator with the influential Electronic duo Mouse on Mars, with whom he performs on drums and vocals, writes and programs ongoing since 1994, the Berlin based Electro-Pop group PET, as well as noted for his collaborations with internationally acclaimed artists like Stewart Copeland (The Police), Herbert Grönemeyer, Vittorio Cosma (Deproducers), The Dining Rooms, Charles Bullen (Circadian Rhythms, This Heat), and many others.
Dodo’s musical path takes him to BEAT BOX DRIP SOUND, the working title of his solo debut album, which he is currently writing and recording almost entirely with his mouth, with occasionally added bass, guitars, synths or whatever else makes its way into his favoring ears and onto a song, due for release in 2014.