Released: 2010
Label: B-Atak | V-Atak
Anti Dvd (A034 + Mbst8)

Audio/Video work by A034+MBST8 released by V-Atak (FR) on the ANTI DVD, an experimental a/v compilation.
The ANTI DVD a/v compilation was released in 2010 and presented with a gloriuos glitch-noise-chaotic 12 hours festival in Paris at La Generale En Manufacture.

Featuring: A034, MBST8, Botborg, Guadaloupe & O.Chatté, Jubal Brown, Lovid, Michaël Borras, Module VXD, Nohista, Ouananiche, Pete O’hearn, Princesse Rotative, Rep & Ambiteknomüzik, Ripit, Rko, Rybn, Skeeter, Tasman Richardso, The Incredible Hexadecibels, Tzii, Zombi