Released: 2023
Label: Stirpe999
Media: Digital

All tracks written and produced between 2020 and 2022 by A034.
Cover artwork by A034 and Deforum Stable Diffusion.
Mastered by Valerio Rossi @phonicastudios (Milano).
Released by Stirpe999

Videoclip of track “v” by A034 and VqGan+Clip:

This album was born in the silence of the pandemic, its concept is a reflection on nothing that returns to being nothing after going through different material states, on the inescapable destiny of the human race which generates debris until it becomes debris.

During the finalization phase of this project I discovered the forerunner of the Text-To-Image AIs, VqGan+Clip, with which I made the video of the last of these songs. It was March 2022 and I couldn’t imagine its evolution would be so fast. The world was pressing on the accelerator and since the human race seems to have a marked self-destructive power I saw the “debris” I had imagined approaching faster and faster.
Hence the decision to use Stable Diffusion to create the cover and the 5 works that will make up the physical distribution form of this record. For each of these images I provided the AI several prompts to generate different parts of the landscapes I wanted to create. Then I assembled the images generated with a long process of collage and post-production to achieve the final results.
At the very end, just few days before the publication, I asked to the most advanced AI of the moment ChatGPT to “write a quote about humanity dissolving in debris”.

Well, this is the answer and since it fits perfectly I decided to use it:
“The remnants of humanity lay scattered among the ruins, a testament to our arrogance and neglect, as we dissolved into the debris of our own making.”