Released: 2020
Label: Rexistenz
​̷​͆​̽​̀​́​͈​̮​̝​̧​͖​̹​!​̵​̒​͑​̃​̋​̞​͔​͇​x​̴​̚​̈́​́​̭​̹​!​̵​̄​͒​̽​͒​͘​͒​́​̿​͋​́​̲​-​̷​̓​̐​̄​͠​͌​̀​͊​̗​͇​̟​̥​̡​̟ (Jesus and Side Chain)

These tracks have been found on a034’s hard drive as low quality mp3s.
No mastering, only a little bit of equalization to prevent any damage to ears or speakers.
You can enjoy them as they are: raw borderline electronic music.

Jesus and Side Chain is a side project, a moniker used by A034 for some releases.